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Accountants: How to protect your clients during challenging times

If your clients need help during periods of poor trading or are experiencing stressful financial circumstances, as their accountant you need to protect them.

Our team of experienced experts are here to provide your clients with the right advice at the right time. We are a FREE, and confidential service with your client's best interests at heart.

Your clients are in safe hands

We understand the difficulties your clients experience when facing the possibility of closing their business. With this comes various traps they need to avoid that only an experienced expert in this field can identify and help the client work through.

However, this is not the only way we can help your clients. Should they be looking for other business support or growth in areas outside of your expertise, we can help with this too.

You can rest assured that your clients are in safe hands.

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How we help you and your clients:

Where do you find support for your clients should the worst happen? As an accountant, you do what you do best. By working with our team, your clients can access a additional specialised services tailored to their needs, such as:


If your client is insolvent, we assess any personal implications beforehand and support them throughout the Liquidation process by introducing them to a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner.


Not only do we provide guidance on closing a company, we also support businesses who are eligible for a vital cashflow injection.

Directors Loan Accounts

Overdrawn Directors Loan Accounts can affect a Director personally during Liquidation. Unlike Insolvency Practitioners, we protect your clients by checking this beforehand.


If your client needs to liquidate but wants to start again, we ensure the process runs smoothly. This means you retain your client and your relationship continues healthier and stronger than ever.

Personal Implications

Personal guarantees, directors loans, misfeasance, and failure to act responsibly can sometimes impact your client personally during insolvency. We check this before your client enters Liquidation.

Closing a Solvent Company

Should your client want to close their solvent company, we offer advice on Dissolution and Members Voluntary Liquidation with a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner.

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