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Running a company on a daily basis is no easy feat. Directors often prioritise others over themselves and can face numerous challenges as a result. We've partnered with experts from various fields to provide support for the mental health issues that can arise when dealing with company problems. Here are some examples of what we offer.

To start a conversation and have the first contact expenses covered by us through any of our partner services, simply mention "The Directors Helpline" when you call or email. 

The Thrive Programme

Ian Crosswell is a licensed Thrive Programme Consultant based in Liverpool City Region and delivering the programme throughout Merseyside and the UK.

"I make no secret of the fact that I hit rock bottom after losing my business some years ago, and it is what I learnt then that took me into the field I now work in."

Tel: 0785 730 7744


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UCAN Thrive!

Extremely fortunate and incredibly rare is a person who never stumbles in life. What really challenges us mentally, emotionally and physically, are the few times we hit those massive, dramatic roadblocks – be it health problems, financial hardships, divorce, addiction, or the loss of a loved one.

These situations can make us feel dark, hopeless, lost and stuck, like we’ve just hit rock bottom. But rest assured, it is possible to revive ourselves and rejoice once more as a brighter, better person.

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