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Need Help with HMRC Pressure?

HMRC are usually the most aggressive creditor when it comes to chasing arrears. If you are experiencing pressure from HMRC such as overdue VAT, PAYE or corporation tax, don’t panic!

The best thing you can do is speak to someone as soon as you can, as HMRC will not hesitate to:

  • Add fines and interest
  • Send bailiffs
  • Issue a Winding Up Petition (Compulsory Liquidation)

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"HMRC are usually the most aggressive creditor, don't bury your head in the sand and seek help sooner rather than later..." Jonathan Cooper, Founder and Director
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What Are my Options?

Speak to HMRC and ask for a Time to Pay Arrangement, which allows a company to make affordable monthly payments until the debt is fully paid.

If that fails, you need to take advice as soon as possible to understand all other options available to you. We are a free, confidential service that can help you, speak to our team today.


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